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High Holy Days Hanukkah
Especially for Chanukah
Yehuda Parmat, Uda Glass: Israeli born Uda was based in Florida during his artistic career. His artistic creations are even more valued since his untimely death in 2008.

1 abstract design

2 Opkik

3 Festive

4 Jerusalem

5 Menorah decorated with abstract flames

Tamara Baskins Art Glass: Born and raised in Israel, Tamara Baskin moved to the United States where she began her career in art. She created elegant and functional pieces designed to celebrate Jewish life cycles, emphasizing the art of fused glass production.

6 Dreidles

12 Joseph”s Coat of Many Colors

13 The Western Wall

14 Jerusalem Hills

Beames Designs!: Every Beames Designs is a one of a kind piece of fused glass. Each piece of artwork features air bubbles and variations that reflect both the nature of glass and the beauty of the handmade process.

7 Celestrial Frosted

8 Woven Wave

9 Sand

10 Floral Confetti

11 Vortex Blue

Karen Rossi: Karen Rossi menorahs feature whimsical designs fashioned from hand-painted, laser-cut metals.



Joe Spoon, M-E-T-A-L-S-M-I-T-H: Joe Spoon designs each piece by hand, specializing in metal. He works in contemporary and traditional settings.


GioGio Design: GioGio Design was founded by twin sisters Jessica and Monica Giovachino. Jessica brings her architect background, coupled with nature to her organic designs. She designs products on the computer, sanding and finishing each piece by hand in her Long Island, New York studio.


THE Gary Rosenthal COLLECTION: One of the most popular and unique lines of Judaic art in the country. Combining copper, brass and steel with brilliant fused glass, the Gary Rosenthal Collection has a contemporary style rooted in tradition.

19 Puzzle

20 Kosher

21 Triangle of fused glass

22 Art deco design

Children’s menorahs








29 removeable candles


31 Baseball Players

32 Sports Equipment

33 Construction Site

34 Baseball Equipment

35 Railroad

Other Chanukah items

41 candles

42 dishes

36 dreidels by Gary Rosenthal

37 dreidels by Gary Rosenthal

38 dreidels

39 dreidels

40 dreidels, yes dreidels

Also available at the Gift Garden

Cantor Jamie Marx’s CD is available at the Gift Garden.


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