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The High Holy Day period at Temple Sholom is filled with beautiful and inspired music, meaningful worship, engaging sermons, memorable family experiences and with the love of our community. Our diverse offerings of services and programs are pathways for all of our members to find a meaning during these Holy Days.

If you have questions or would like to join us for services please contact our office. If you are not able to join us in person we stream our services live onlineMishkan Hanefesh, our new High Holy Day prayer book, is filled with inspiring writing, traditional and alternative readings, and guidance. The mishkan hanefeshbook promises to keep current and vibrant our conversation, and our engagement with our tradition, fresh and challenging.  Rabbi Morris Adler once wrote, “Prayer is a step on which we rise from the self we are, to the self we wish to be. Prayer affirms the hope that no reality can crush, the aspiration that can never acknowledge defeat.” 

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Rosh Hashanah in The Pines

Darkness settles, slowly, across the horizon.

The new year rises before us,

its fragile moon awaiting our embrace. 

Heaven and earth entwine

in their annual dance of re-creation.

A fissure appears in the firmament tonight,

an entranceway into new beginnings. 

Out beyond the swales

the sea expands and contracts,

keeping time to the thrumming of the universe. 

Under this Rosh HaShanah sky

the path before us is uncertain.

All we can do is hold each other tight

as we make our way home.


— Rabbi Hara Person (Mishkan Hanefesh, pg. 37)