Our Philosophy

Our goal is for every B’nei Mitzvah student to feel confident and prepared on the bima at their b’nei mitzvah service.  We recognize that every student brings their unique strengths and challenges to the process, so we customize each student’s path through the prayers and their Torah portion. Rather than looking at this milestone as merely a checklist to be completed, we push each student to achieve all that they are capable of.

We see B’nei Mitzvah as the moment we acknowledge that our students are approaching adulthood, and our job is to teach them about the sense of responsibility that is the essence of being an adult: responsibility for your work, your self, and the world around you. While the responsibility for the work is theirs, there is also an extensive support network of clergy, educators, and tutors who support each of our students on their journey.

The Four Tasks of B’nei Mitzvah

Students are asked to take on four tasks: chanting Torah and Haftarah, leading portions of our service, completing a mitzvah project (a volunteer, community service project), and giving a d’var torah (speech about the Torah portion). Typically, a student begins studying for their B’nei Mitzvah 7 months out from their service date (click here for the complete B’nei Mitzvah timeline).

B’nei Mitzvah Resources

One of the best ways to understand what a B’nei Mitzvah service looks like is to come on a Saturday morning or to watch a service on our Vimeo archive. For details on logistics around rentals, fees, and tutoring, please download our B’nei Mitzvah Handbook. You can also download the B’nei Mitzvah Honors Worksheets to see which honors are available: solo b’nei mitzvah service honors and joint b’nei mitzvah service honors.

Have Other Questions or Concerns?

For questions about B’nei Mitzvah tutoring or worship service questions, please call or email Cantor Marx.

For questions about room rentals or fees, please call or email Executive Director Jeff Green.