Hilltoppers is a community of active adults (55+) who are interested in current affairs, cultural experiences, Jewish-related issues, and local life. Everyone is welcome to join us at our Board and Program meetings, as well as on our day trips, theater excursions and Book Club meetings.

Please join us by calling Cindy Meyer at 610-359-1133.


Hilltoppers Meeting Schedule


Board Meetings
Dates: 1st Thursday of the month except where noted by ‡
Time: 10:30 AM

Program Meetings
Dates: 3rd Thursday of the month except where noted by §
Time: Either 1:30 PM or 7:30 PM
– check the event

Book Discussion Group
Previous discussions have included books such as Where the Crawdads Sing, Becoming, The Turner House, A Place For Us.
Dates: 2nd Thursday of the month
Time: 1:30 PM



MM-Monthly Meeting BD-Board Meeting
BK-Book Discussion Group TBA-To Be Announced

The place for meetings, at the Temple or on Zoom or both, has not been determined. Watch the listings below for the location.

1 BD 10:30 am
BK 1:30 pm [No September book discussion group]
MM [No September program]
6 BD 10:30 am
13 BK 1:30 pm All The Lonely People, by Mike Gayle (facilitated by Cindy Meyer)
20 MM 1:00 pm Discussion with author Barbara Sofer about her book A Daughter of Many Mothers – on Zoom
3 BD 10:30 am
10 BK 1:30 pm The Good Daughters, by Joyce Maynard (facilitated by Barbara Ostroff)
MM 7:30 pm
1 BD 10:30 am
8 BK 1:30 pm The Marrying of Chani Kaufman, by Eve Harris (facilitated by Karen Scheikowitz)
5 BD 10:30 am
BK 1:30 pm [No January book discussion group]
MM 1:30 pm
2 BD 10:30 am
9 BK 1:30 pm Apeirogon, by Colum McCann (facilitated by Linda Litwin)
16 MM 1:30 pm John Barr presenting “Living John’s Buck List” in pictures. Via Zoom.
2 BD 10:30 am
9 BK 1:30 pm Lost in the Jungle, a Harrowing True Story of Adventure and Survival, by Yossi Ginsberg (facilitated by Barbara Barr)
16 MM 1:30 pm Rabbi Eric Wisnia will present an in person talk on “A Jewish Look at Racism and Slavery in the Civil War”. This will be both in person and on zoom.
6 BD 10:30 am
BK 1:30 pm [No April book discussion group]
20 MM 7:30 pm Linda Kenyon will impersonate Eleanor Roosevelt. This will be an in person event.
4 BD 10:30 am
11 BK 1:30 pm Search, by Michelle Huneven (facilitated by Donna Hendel)
18 MM 1:30 pm Jim and Cindy Meyer will present “Views from Morocco” from their synagogue trip in March.
1 BD 10:30 am


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