Hilltoppers is a community of mature adults (55+) who are interested in current affairs, cultural experiences, Jewish-related issues, and local life. Everyone is welcome to join us at our Board and Program meetings, as well as on our day trips, theater excursions and Book Club meetings.

Please join us by calling Liz Mellman at 610-649-7807.


Hilltopper Meeting Schedule


Board Meetings
Dates: 1st Thursday of the month
Time: 10:30 AM

Program Meetings
Dates: 3rd Thursday of the month
Time: 1:30 PM or 7:30 PM

Book Club
Previous discussions have included books such as Suite Francaise, The World To Come, The Glass Castle, and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
Dates: 2nd Thursday of the month
Time: 1:30 PM










MM-Monthly Meeting BD-Board Meeting
BK-Book Discussion Group TBA-To Be Announced

7 BD 10:30 am
14 BK 1:30 pm Born A Crime, Stories from a South African Childhood, by Trevor Noah
MM (no program)
5 BD 10:30 am
12 BK 1:30 pm This Is How It Always Is: A Novel, by Laurie Frankel
26 MM 7:30 pm Joel Kutner & Mark Sobol: Jewish Music from Around the World
2 BD 10:30 am
9 BK Schlepping Through The Alps: My Search for Austria’s Jewish Past with its Last Wandering Shepherd, by Sam Apple
16 MM 7:30 pm Linda Kenyon: Re-enactment of the Famous Female Golfer, Babe Didrikson Zaharias
7 BD 10:30 am
14 BK 1:30 pm The Bridal Chair, by Gloria Goldreich
21 MM 1:30 pm Sherman Fleming: Art with Sherman Fleming
4 BD 10:30 am
11 BK 1:30 pm The Girl Who Wrote in Silk, by Kelli Estes
18 MM 1:30 pm Joseph Erdeljac: A Musical Program
1 BD 10:30 am
8 BK 1:30 pm The Girl from Venice, Martin Cruz Smith
MM (no program)
1 BD 10:30 am
8 BK 1:30 pm Hillbilly Elegy: A memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, by J. D. Vance
15 MM 1:30 pm Renee DeRitis: Piano Sing-A-Long
5 BD 10:30 am
12 BK 1:30 pm The Long Way Home, A Memoir, by Saroo Brierly
MM (no program)
3 BD 10:30 am
3 MM 7:30 pm Lawrence Husick: Educational Program
10 BK 1:30 pm Darwin’s Radio, by Greg Bear
17 MM 7:00 pm (Closing Dinner) Fiddlekicks!: Appalachian Clogging Troupe, with live musicians
7 BD 10:30 am
Alternate book selection
Behind Closed Doors, by B.A. Paris

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