Our Hospice group began approximately twenty years ago in order to assist our congregants with the pressing problems of a terminal illness. We are the same seven dedicated women, who have been professionally trained in hospice work, have attended many seminars and who have been together for all these years.

Our goals are many: to supply informational books to young children; to help with medical supplies, if needed; to relieve the caregiver for a few hours of respite; to drive to a doctor appointment; and to be a careful listener for the patient. We have also been connected for many years to Taylor Hospice. We have given money for their library, have provided help in Hospice House, and have visited patients in their own homes and in nursing homes.

If a specific need arises, please contact the office who can direct you to Amy Berkowitz, Barbara Smilk, or our clergy so that we may give aid and comfort to our congregational family. Please do not hesitate to call; we are always available to speak with you.

We invite you to call the office or submit online the name(s) of loved ones who are facing the challenge of illness, that we may support them, and you, by inclusion in our communal healing prayer, known as the “Mi Shebeirach.”