Rimon Noar (Teen Experiences)



7th – 12th grades


At Rimon Noar 7th – 12th graders find an environment to express themselves and be themselves within a supportive, diverse, and independent thinking community. The bonds of friendship that are created last well beyond the high school years.

Teens want to know how their learning is relevant to their lives as American Jewish teens. Rimon Noar is inspired and designed by our students. The paths of inquiry and learning pivot based on student interest and input. By involving them in experiences that allow them to put their learning into action, they understand that Judaism provides a blueprint for engaging in today’s world.

Rimon Noar (Rimon Teen) offers teens the opportunity to grow knowledge of their heritage, and to ground their ethical decisions in Jewish thought and history.  By doing so, they will build a personal framework for navigating the high school years, the college years and beyond.  Teens will encounter the Holocaust through the lens of Human Behavior, Israel though her diverse narratives, social justice and more.

Our new JLF (Jewish Leadership Fellowship) will engage our 9th – 12th graders on journey of social justice teachings and experiences culminating in a four-day Civil Rights Journey to the deep south.

The philosophy of Rimon understands that learning is personal and learner-inspired. We urge all of our learners to explore our Reform Jewish tradition, Torah, Israel, and prayer in ways that are meaningful to them. We want all of our learners to be curious, inspired, and challenged by the power of our Reform Jewish understandings.  Come and learn with Rimon!

Rimon Noar meets on Monday evenings 7:00 – 8:30. Teens have the option of  arriving at 6:30 to spend time with their friends and enjoy pizza sold by our youth group.

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