4th and 5th grade

Fourth and Fifth graders join together to become the Olim team. The word Olim is the Hebrew word for “Ones Moving Up”.  What an appropriate name for this group of learners!  They are entering a stage of development that is marked by deep curiosity, greater understanding of the world around them and how this information affects their everyday lives.  Asking questions, engaging in respectful dialogue, and forming opinions are encouraged in Olim. 

Discovery through Project-Based Learning and STEAM activities will be the primary methods that will engage our learners.  Jewish topics, individual opinions and events in our world become intertwined as Olim seeks to ask tough questions and gain understanding.

Led by our knowledgeable and passionate Olim team of educators, Olim learners will:

  • Review their knowledge and understanding of the early books of Torah. They will then engage in a deep investigation of the Book of Deuteronomy along with values that are found within.  By the end of Deuteronomy learners will be left with a cliff-hanger… Did the Israelites make it to The Promised Land?
  • Dive into the “who”, “what” and “why” of Israel Who lives in Israel?What is it life like for people in Israel?  Why is Israel so important for not only the Jewish people but for others around the world?
  • Although Hebrew takes place during the mid-week program Olim students will engage with Jewish Life Vocabulary during their Sunday experience.