6th grade and Families

Sixth grade is a special time for our learners.  Although 6th graders will continue to attend mid-week Rimon Hebrew, they will no longer attend the “traditional” Sunday Rimon program.  What they will do is, along with families enter an experience that will lead them to the start their own future Jewish journey.

Gesherim is a unique program designed to guide our students and our families, both separately and together, on a path to Bar/Bat Mitzvah and beyond. Led by a dynamic and experienced educator, students will meet monthly as a group. Additionally, students and parent(s) will meet monthly as a group. Each gathering will build upon the important elements of starting the process of Jewish “adulting”.

Experiences will include in-house gatherings, field trips, and social action opportunities.

The strand that ties all of this important work together is a personal Torah project. Each family will meet will our rabbi to be introduced to and seek understanding of the student’s Torah portion for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Torah project presentations will be scheduled during mid-year or at the end of the year.

Although Gesherim 6th graders will continue to attend mid-week Hebrew sessions, they will only attend the following Sunday sessions:

Sept. 15 Gesherim Families Jan. 5 Gesherim Kids
Sept. 22 Gesherim Kids Jan. 12 Gesherim Families
Oct. 20 Gesherim Families Feb. 2 Gesherim Families
Oct. 27 Gesherim Kids Feb. 9 Gesherim Kids
Nov. 3 Gesherim Families
March 1
Gesherim Kids
Nov. 10 Gesherim Kids March 22 Gesherim Families trip…Holocaust Museum, D.C.
Dec. 8 Gesherim Kids April 26 Gesherim Families
Dec. 15 Gesherim Families May 3
Gesherim Kids