Kindergarten and 1st grade


Kindergarten and 1st graders join together as the Bonim Team.  Led by a team of Learning Guides (teachers and teen madrichim) our youngest learners will:
A person sitting at a table

  • Learn and celebrate the holidays of the Jewish year.
  • Begin engaging with the story of “The Epic Journey – From the Garden to Israel Today” by focusing on the Book of Genesis – the first book in Torah as well as how children in Israel are both alike…and different from themselves.
  • Engage with Hebrew through listening and understanding everyday actions using the Hebrew Through MovementTM.

Through Project Based Learning, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) music, movement and more Kindergarten and 1st graders will use engage all of their senses to bring Judaism to life and connect to their everyday world.

Bonim Families will have the opportunity to learn together and make connections on:

Sunday, October 6
Visit to Elmwood Park Zoo
Tzaar Ba’alei Hayim
   (Ethical Treatment of Animals)