Chaverim (Friends)

2nd and 3rd grades


At Rimon, 2nd & 3rd grades come together to form the Chaverim team. The word Chaverim is the Hebrew word for “friends”. Exploring together, asking lots of questions, and creating friendships are hallmarks of the Chaverim experience.

Discovery through Project-Based Learning and STEM activities will be the primary methods that will engage our learners.  Multiple areas of Jewish learning become intertwined as we look for answers to the many questions that our children will ask. From holidays, to history, to Torah and more will be explored.

Led by our passionate and knowledgeable education team Chaverim learners will:

  • Understand and celebrate the holidays of the Jewish year while making connections to modern day.
  • Dig deep into the Book of Exodus after revisiting the highlights of the Book of Genesis. BIG Questions include:
    • What is slavery? What might it have been like to be a slave under Pharaoh?  Is there slavery today?
  • Investigate the Land of Israel today. Who lives in Israel?  Is everyone who lives in Israel Jewish?  What’s is Israeli life like for kids my age?
  • Engage with Hebrew through listening and understanding. Using the tools of Hebrew Through MovementTM learners will build their aural skills through active response and recognition.

Chaverim Families will have the opportunity engage in a Social Action experience on:

Sunday, December 15
3rd grade Families Visit Mitzvah Circle
2nd grade Families collect, sort, and pack for Mitzvah Circle @Temple Sholom

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