We hope you will join us! All men are welcome. If you enjoy our meetings, please let your Temple friends know and invite them to join us.

At each meeting, Dan Endy will seed the conversation with interesting and educational information followed by an open discussion. Every meeting is held on Sunday morning from 9:30 to 11 at the Temple.

This year, we are encouraging you all to bring your own Midrashim for any of the many amazing and mysterious stories in the Tanakh.


September 15 – Spirituality and the Founding of America

October 6 – Spirituality and Social Activism

November 3 – Spirituality and Politics

December 8 – Spirituality and Gun Control


January 5 – Spirituality and Racism

February 2 – Spirituality and Voting Rights

March 1 – Spirituality and Gender

April 26 – Spirituality and Climate Change